This singular work shows interesting data and drawings done using pictures of this beautiful feline.


The author of the drawings is Carlos García Poveda based on Manuel Ramirez’s pictures.

In this especial edition the front and the back covers are different, showing Carlos drawing based on Jose Luis Ojeda’s pictures.


At the end, an English translation can be found.


- Front and back covers.

- 36 páginas con los siguientes capítulos: Tributo a Félix, Datos Generales, Rasgos Faciales, Técnicas de Caza, Su Despensa de Alimento, Alimentación, Cortejo Nupcial, Cubiles para la Cría, Los Cachorros, Un Año en su Vida, Distribución Ecológica, El Hábito de Solearse, Su Necesidad de Agua, Sus Mayores Enemigos, Siguiendo el Rastro y El Duende de la Noche.


-36 pages containing: Felix’s tribute, General Data, Facial Features, Hunt Techniques, Food Pantry, Nutrition, Nuptial Parade, Breeding Dens, Cubs, A year in its life, Ecological Distribution, Sunbathing Habit, Need for Water, Its Main Enemies, Tracking Lynx and the Night’s Goblin.

- 4 Blank pages for notes.

- 5 Pages of translations.

Price: 8 € + Delivery cost*.

*Delivery cost:

- 1 € ordinary mail*. 
- 3,5 € certified mail*.