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The Sierras de Andújar NP forms part of the Sierra Morena mountain chain. This beautiful natural space in the northwest of the province, lies between the Rivers Yeguas and Jandula. The gently rolling Natural Park is densely wooded and boasts one of Andalucia's best preserved expanses of Mediterranean forest and scrubland. The dominant vegetation is Mediterranean, with Cork and holm oak woodland, and the geology is granite, quartz and slate.


It hosts a large numbers of hoofed mammals like Red and Fallow deer along with Wild boar, Spanish ibex and Mouflon. Small carnivorous like Otters, Genet and Wildcat, and It is home to many endangered species: birds such as the magnificent Spanish Imperial Eagle and Black Vulture, the shy Black stork, as well as the most endangered cat in the world: the Iberian lynx. This Natural Park currently holds the best and most important population in terms of conservation of the specie, with about 250 lynx, which is around 70% of the world population. The very low density of rabbits is a big problem for the conservation of this feline.

A share of Iberian Lynx Land profits goes to the conservation of the Iberian Lynx. We work and collaborate with the landowners of the estates where this critically endangered feline lives, improving the habitat, or increasing the populations of its main prey – rabbit, building rabbit warrens and releasing rabbits in areas with a low density of them.